About "Glidr" segway

The future of segway transportation is here.  AutoTron is the innovator of personal mobility segway. Cover up to 9x more ground than walking when you cruise on our eco friendly electronic segway. Glidr is fun. Anyone of any age can operate Glidr easily. All you need to do is to shift your weight over the segway in the direction that you want to go. It's that simple. Glidr segways run on two eco-friendly electric motors. It's not only eco-friendly, it's user friendly too. The motors used inside Glidr work silently. So the segway doesn't disturb other people walking on the roads. Segway is powered by batteries. So it needs to be charged. It takes 5 to 6 hours for a segway to charge. But happily Glidr takes up to 3 hours for full charging. Once you charge it, you can cruise up to 12 miles continuously. Glidr cruises 5 times faster than walking that means you can cruise up to 10 miles per hour with your Glidr segway. With three-axis gyrosensors and accelerometers, Glidr segway precisely monitors angular changes to make the controlling feel natural. So it can handle cracks and bumps upto 1/2 inch. You can operate your Glidr in dust and light splash of water, but don't ride it in inclement weather or near puddles. With it's hi-tech elements, Glidr can carry up to 280 lbs of load. So you don't have to think about your own weight. You may think that we built this scooter for adults only, but don't worry for your child. Because any one of any age can ride it. So don't walk any more. Bring a Glidr to your home and feel the fun of Glidr. We sale Glidr outside of USA also. So just oreder today and within 14 days, you will get your Glidr segway at your doorstep. It's not illegal riding a segway in our county, but please contact with your local authority before riding a segway in your area. Hope it's legal in your area too. Wish you a happy cruising with your Glidr segway.