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Type: Segway


Welcome to Glidr Blū, the natural evolution of getting around.

Featuring longer battery life, plush padding, sleek design, and improved gyroscopic response, the Glidr Blū is the next generation of transportation.

Glidr Blū is designed with a sleeker body that allows it to be even more interactive with your every move. We designed the Glidr Blū utilizing state-of-the-art gyroscopic technology and sensitive motion detectors. The fun and efficient self-balancing personal transporter provides the ultimate agility and control. You’ll turn, spin, glide at speeds up to 10 miles per hour and stop on a dime – as intuitive as walking after five minutes, the Glidr Blū provides hours of enjoyment and maximum muscle efficiency for users of all ages.

Glidr Blū:

  • Equipped with cushioned slip pads to create an even more comfortable riding experience.
  • Intel Lights - We integrated each side of the board’s lights to act as a turning signal every time you move left or right. This allows for anyone gliding behind you to see exactly what your next move will be. Intel lights are also used on the three bar indicator on the top of your Blū to show how much charge you have left.
  • Samsung Li-ion battery
    • UL listed and approved. 
    • Charge cut off. Your battery will stop charging once it is full, resulting in less power consumption and longer lasting battery life.
    • Higher battery conversion rate
    • Zero heat dispersion
Max Speed: 9-12 mph(15-18km/h)
Endurance: 9-13 Mile Range depending on weight, terrain, and temperature 
Max Uphill Angle: 15 Degrees 
Max Load: 290 lbs
Charging Time: 45 - 120 Minutes for Full Charge 
Li Ion Battery: 40V, 4.4AH
Net Weight: 23lbs 
Dimensons: L 25” x W10” x H10” 
Tire Size: 6.7” in